Residential Conveyancing generally consists of the following types of matters:

  1. Freehold sales and purchases;
  2. Leasehold sales and purchases;
  3. Mortgages or re-mortgages;
  4. Transfers of Equity.

This firm’s legal costs and disbursements for acting in Residential Conveyancing matters take into account a number of factors, including but not limited to, whether the property is freehold or leasehold, the type of property (i.e. existing or new build) as well as individual circumstances such as whether there is any mortgage involvement.

Some examples of this firm’s typical legal costs are as below. Please also refer to the tab “Additional Costs” for details of other costs which may be payable in respect of your transaction.

As the below is a guide only, please do get in touch with us with details of your matter, so that we can provide an accurate quotation for you.  

Example Legal Costs for a Property Price between £200,000.00 – £250,000.00 is as follows:

Freehold Sale – From £900.00 plus VAT and disbursement

Leasehold Sale – From £1100.00 plus VAT and disbursements

Freehold Purchase – From £1000.00 plus VAT and disbursements

Leasehold Purchase – From £1300.00 plus VAT and disbursements

Mortgage/Remortgage – From £600.00 plus VAT and disbursements

Please complete the “Contact us for a Conveyancing Quote” Form below and an appropriate member of the team will get in touch. Alternatively, if you would prefer, please telephone one of our offices and we will be happy to help.

There will be additional costs on top. These are fees and charges that may form part of the process, such as referral fees (if any), notice & deeds charges, search fees, land registry fees, freeholder information packs, bank charges and Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)or Land Transfer Tax (LTT) (in Wales). They are likely to be £2,985 in total, including VAT where relevant.

In calculating the additional costs above we have assumed that we are not acting for a first time buyer and the purchaser does not own an interest in another dwelling and the property price is £250,000.

SDLT and LTT does not apply to sales and remortgage and will only apply to certain purchases.

You may also be responsible for paying the legal costs of your lender. These are likely to be £100 + VAT and are included in the average price above.

These fees assume that the transaction is of a standard nature and has no unforeseen issues that may lengthen the process or increase the costs.

Estimated average prices are based on recent instructions. The actual cost to you will depend upon a number of factors which we will discuss with you before the transaction commences.

Our costs are based upon our average fixed fee charge but we may occasionally introduce an hourly rate of £195 + VAT per hour if appropriate, which can vary and will be discussed with you if necessary.

Our price takes account of the work involved, the transactional risk, the deadlines involved, the benefit of our professional insurance cover and a number of other factors which may be relevant in the conveyancing process.

Our people involved in doing the work will include: Georgia Cavill, Emily House (Bridgwater), David Chapman, Ruth Richardson (Minehead), Andrea Parsons, Heidi Cowling (Martock), Bill Osborn (Yeovil), Nigel Mills, Gary Voysey (Exeter), Marie Cude (Wellington), T-J Gibson (Ilminster). Find out a bit more about them here.

The work we will carry out involves the following (if relevant):

  • Checking that your financial arrangements are in place
  • Obtaining Land Registry entries and drafting a contract for sale (approximately 1 week)
  • Completing incidental information re fixtures and fittings and other inclusions and exclusions (approximately 1 -2 weeks)
  • Receiving contracts and other property information (approximately 1 week)
  • Undertaking searches and enquiries on the property (immediately)
  • Raising requisitions on title and other issues (approximately 2-3 weeks)
  • Preparing for exchange and completion (approximately 1 week)
  • Dealing with the payment of SDLT (approximately 1 week post completion)
  • Dealing with Land Registry applications (approximately 1 week post completion)
  • Liaison with your lenders throughout
  • Overall control of the transaction throughout, including liaison with estate agents, removal firms etc.

Our fees do not, of course, include any external costs and charges that you may incur as part of the process (e.g. estate agents commission, removal costs, environmental remediation costs etc.) Get in touch if you wish to instruct us on your matter.

PLEASE NOTE We also undertake:

  • Commercial and Agricultural property transactions
  • New build properties
  • Lettings (landlord and tenant)
  • Property disputes
  • Tax advice
  • Environmental matters
  • Planning matters
  • Transfers of equity on a divorce


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We are recruiting – join our team!


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