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Why is a Will so important?

You may not think you need a Will, or you might wonder whether you have anything worth saving at all but having a Will in

What is Commercial Property?

Are you interested in commercial property for your business or simply curious about what it is? Here we’ll go over everything you need to know

Helen Grady Amicus Law

Helen Grady Joins AmicusLaw

Helen grew up and lives in the South West and has over 27 years of experience in litigation and asbestos-related illness cases, with specialist APIL

working from home

Working From Home

During the coronavirus pandemic the Government encouraged us all to work from home. Some hated it, others found that it was a breath of fresh

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The Cost of Lockdown

Figures have recently been released by the Alzheimer’s Society showing that over 80% of Alzheimer’s sufferers have experienced a deterioration in their symptoms as a