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Point Based Scheme – Sponsorship Licence for Foreign Skilled workers is complex. AmicusLaw specialise in assisting employers with Sponsorship Licence applications and hold their hand through the complex process of employing foreign workers. We can provide the right legal support so that the process is seamless.  

Our experienced team made up of seasonsed professionals, including; Sharaz Akhtar, Samiyah Akhtar, Samiyah Ashraf, Stephen Forsey, Kelechi Adiele, Al-Amin Zayedy, Maryam Ahmed and Ruby Afghan are well-versed in the nuances of immigration law and dedicated to simplifying the often-complex application processes. 

If you are looking to employ migrant workers from outside of the UK, AmicusLaw will assist you through the Sponsorship Licence process and can offer you specialist advice throughout the term of your Licence. 

AmicusLaw can assist with: 

  • Sponsorship Licence Applications
  • HR Compliance


  • Defined and Undefined CoS Applications
  • Entry Clearance or In-Country Switching Applications for migrant workers

At AmicusLaw, our immigration specialists are here to guide you and your organisation through the various available routes to immigration. We always look to provide straight forward advice to help you solve even the most complex of legal problems.


by Kelechi Adiele
Kelechi Adiele

Kelechi Adiele

Litigation Paralegal

If you are considering employing migrant skilled workers from inside or outside of the UK, you need to make sure you comply with immigration laws and that you obtain the correct Sponsorship Licence. This process, and ensuring your compliance remains up to date, can take considerable time and resources.

As the Home Office Guidance continues to evolve, it is vital to remain up to date with all PBS compliance. Our experience also shows that the Home Office has increased the ratio of pre and post Sponsorship Licence audits. As a result, many employers have inadvertently breached Home Office Regulations and have been subject to sanctions and penalties.



It’s important to have the right advice and support to help you avoid;

  • Applying for the wrong Sponsorship Licence
  • Incorrect CoS Applications (Certificates of Sponsorship)
  • Refusal of Sponsorship Licence
  • Suspension or revocation of Sponsorship Licence
  • Failing to comply with The Illegal Working Regulations
  • Delays and penalties

Contact our specialist team on our dedicated number – 03330 040400 and speak to us today.

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Kelechi Adiele

Kelechi Adiele

Litigation Paralegal

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