Adam Smith

Legal Assistant


Adam has worked with clients who may have been exposed to asbestos dust for a number of years and visits clients in their homes initially to complete the application forms for the automatic Government payments, such as Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit and the Government Lump Sum Payment.

Adam will also obtain some details of your past employment history from the time you left school up until the time of your retirement from work. Most people cannot remember exact dates of employment and so just state approximately how long you think you worked for a particular company; e.g 8 months, or a couple of years and then put your approximate age or years when you think you were working there.

Most people do not remember all of the places where they worked and your Inland Revenue employment history schedule will contain all accurate dates and company names that you may have forgotten. If you were self- employed, please jot down some of the places where you can remember working as a sub-contractor.

Adam will ask you to sign a consent form to obtain your HMRC employment history schedule and this has the exact years of your past employment. Adam only needs a very rough outline work history for the state benefit application forms and will submit these on your behalf.

If you are also having a civil insurance claim looked into, Adam will bring the No Win No Fee Contract (Conditional Fee Agreement) forms for you to sign and it is always easier to sign these face to face rather than having documents in the post, as you may have some questions and need reassurance on this. We are very sensitive to the fact that most people would not have ever had cause to use a law firm up until this point.

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