What to expect from your meeting with our family solicitors

At AmicusLaw, we appreciate that going to see a solicitor regarding family issues can be an intimidating prospect. We thought it might be helpful to set out what is likely to happen before and during your free initial meeting.

When you first make contact with us, we will take brief details with regards to you, the other party and with what you need our advice. We will need to take details such as the other party’s full name to check we can book you in for a meeting.

The purpose of the initial meeting is for us to have a chat about your situation and talk you through your options. We will be able to provide you with advice tailored to you, and guide you to the best way forward for you, depending on your circumstances. We will also be able to talk you through the likely costs and timescales involved.

Many clients find it helpful to prepare some notes and send them to the solicitor they will be seeing ahead of the meeting. The more information we have prior to the meeting, the more effective the free meeting will be, but it is entirely up to you. If you are in the middle of court proceedings, it would be beneficial if you could send us the paperwork before the meeting, if possible.

We are currently holding the majority of our initial free meetings by telephone due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. If it is imperative you meet with us in person that can be arranged.

Please note our Minehead Office has recently relocated to 1 Bancks Street, Minehead TA24 5DJ. 

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