Why is January such a popular month for divorces?

There’s the normal culprit…holidays! When we’ve been forced together with no place to go off and be on your own, it often highlights cracks that have probably been there for a while but makes you realise that it’s becoming intolerable.

Now, in January, we also need to realise that we’ve just come away from the twinkling fairy lights of Christmas. The time for romantic moments, treasured family memories and all of the pressure that gets thrown at you to have the most perfect of perfect times! Looking at of your friends Instagram and Facebook posts with their families in their matching pj’s posts or decorating the tree together. Wonderful if you and your little unit are in a cosy blanket of bliss, but if not, it can make you feel lonely and resentful.

And then onto the dawn of the New Year and all the smell of promises and opportunities it can herald! This is the time you look around and revaluate your life. Is this what you want? Do you want to end this year the same way?

Add these 3 ingredients together, Holiday, Christmas, New Year, and it all becomes almost inevitable that a shaky relationship can become one that starts the separation process.

So where do you go from here?

Firstly, find a solicitor you can trust. You may feel that the separation will be simple and you can deal with it yourself. Of course you can, but more often than not, complications can arise, delays can be found, arguments over custody, belongings, assets etc can snowball and you’ll want someone to be in your corner fighting for you.

Secondly, work out what you want to achieve from the separation and let your solicitor know what is definite and what is negotiable.

At AmicusLaw our specialist family law team can help.

We look to protect you and your interests in divorce and separation, disputes involving children, cohabitation and pre-nuptial agreements, and dissolution of civil partnerships.

We understand that everyone experiences a separation differently and we work to you and your needs. We always aim to be honest, open, approachable and straightforward. You will always know what we are doing to help you and where we are at with the negotiations.

We vow to always be by your side, fighting your corner and we promise to be tenacious in court, dealing with negotiations and working with the other sides solicitors.

We offer a free initial 30 minute meeting either in person at one of our offices or remotely if you would prefer.

Speak to our family law team to find out more.

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