Coach House

For many the term coach house conjures up a vision of elegance and charm from a past age of carriages and horses but coach houses are making a comeback.  Many new estates contain a house style know as a coach house. These are houses where most or all of the living accommodation is on the first or higher floor and where the ground floor is given over to a series of garages or car ports one or more of which will belong to the owner of another dwelling on the estate.

Its is an very efficient way of maximising the use of  land on an estate and can avoid blocks of garages which can sometimes turn into rather scruffy areas over time if there is no efficient Management Company to look after them .

The owner of the coach house will own the freehold of the whole building including the ground on which the neighbour’s garages sit. The neighbours each have a lease from the coach house owner for their garage.  It’s a neat solution for the builder but this arrangement does have some practical problems for the buyers that are not well understood.  In particular a standard detached or semi detached buildings insurance policy will not provide the correct cover and not all main stream insurers either understand what a coach house is or offer standard cover.

It is important therefore for both landlord and Tenant that the coach house and its garages are properly insured but that all parties understand what their rights and obligations are.

As experts in both freehold and leasehold property, AmicusLaw are well placed to advise you on the in and outs whether you are the owner of a coach house or a tenant of a coach house garage. Of course, if you are thinking of buying a coach house or a property with a coach house garage we can provide expert advice for this new twist on an old idea.

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