Elderly Client Care in Somerset : A True Story

Reg is in his early 80’s. He’s lives a reclusive life since the death of his wife – something he’ll never get over. She died many years before in an accident. They have children and no other family anywhere.

Reg is unwell and temporarily loses mental capacity. He has a business he runs and a bungalow in which he lives. He doesn’t really live, he just exists.

I am contacted as we are the solicitors that hold Reg’s papers. I visit Reg in hospital and once he is treated for his urinary tract infection, his mental capacity is restored. Reg would now like some help to manage his property, business and financial affairs.

We are appointed under a Power of Attorney and whilst that is going through the court to be registered and activated, I call to Reg’s home to collect some clothes and toiletries for him. His existence is really modest, with no modern clothes washing facilities and barely any food in the house. At that point, I call to a local shop and purchase for Reg some new pyjamas, a dressing gown, underwear and slippers so that at least he has some dignity in the hospital.

Reg needs a special dementia care nursing home. I have experience of these in the local area so I am able to recommend one and seek a placement there for him immediately. We arrange for Reg’s personal items to be transported into the home so he has some familiar things around him. We have investigated Reg’s financial position by now and know that he can well afford the nursing home on a private fee paying basis. Reg settles in well and realises that life has changed significantly once again for him.

Over the coming weeks and months, I had to make sure someone could run Reg’s business. I liaised with his Accountant to deal with HM Revenue & Customs and also dealt with his VAT liability. We sold his business, and then sold his business premises. We carefully cleared his property using a local auction expert who sold many of the items that Reg had had there since the 1950’s. All proceeds were carefully looked after and invested for Reg. Independent financial advice was sought to make sure that Reg had enough money to look after himself for the rest of his days. We had to also be mindful of the beneficiaries on the end of his Will. In this instance, they were charity beneficiaries.

Reg lives another couple of years in the care home and then passes away. On his death, he asked for 1 dozen red roses to be delivered to the joint grave he will occupy with his late wife, and wants the flowers to be laid when they would be reunited.

It was an honour to help Reg and to make sure that he had as comfortable a life as he could during his last years.

A good private client lawyer that cares and goes the extra mile for our clients, is what is offered by AmicusLaw. We have a good solid understanding of elderly client’s care options towards their later years and how funding can be organised if moving into a care home is necessary.

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A.CILEx – Private Client Department
Amicus Law, Yeovil
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