Lasting Power of Attorneys

Ruth Wijay, our Chartered Legal Executive in our Exeter Office talks about the importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Several years ago a family member in her 60’s started to have some balance and memory issues and was later diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. In this case she had made a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) years earlier appointing her children as her attorneys. She is now in fulltime care, and her children are administering her affairs under the Power of Attorney.

Whilst this situation is still relatively unusual it does highlight the importance of having a Lasting Power of Attorney as the legally enforceable document can be made to cover your Health & Welfare and/or Property & Affairs.

You can decide who can have control of your affairs and what you want them to do for you. It’s all about the people you trust.

Health & Welfare LPA’s – enables your attorneys to make decisions on your behalf regarding your general health & and welfare but only once you have lost the capacity to make those decisions for yourself. This can include decisions regarding medical treatment, where you live and whether life sustaining treatment is to be carried out.

Property & Affairs LPA’s – enables your attorneys to act in your affairs in respect of managing your bank accounts and investments, dealing with pension and utility companies and buying and selling your house if required.

While you can produce your owns LPA’s, by taking legal advice and instructing a solicitors firm to set these up on your behalf, you will have a more bespoke document that better reflects your wishes and circumstances and expert advice about how best to deal with your personal circumstances.

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