Watch out for weeds!

A recent court ruling has highlighted the increasing danger to home owners whose properties are affected by Japanese knotweed.

Knotweed can cause structural damage, has very vigorous growth and can be very difficult to eradicate. A recent Court of Appeal decision decided that the escape of knotweed into a neighbours garden amounts to a nuisance and the home owner can be sued to pay for the cost of eradication and or loss of value to the neighbour’s property.

Conveyancer Peter Watkin says “Anyone who has knotweed in their garden should seek urgent specialist advice and commence treatment as soon as possible because when they come to sell their property, they will have to disclose the presence of knotweed growing on their land and they may find that un treated knotweed makes the property more difficult to sell”.

Peter also warns: “A buyer should take good look at their prospective neighbour’s gardens for the signs of knotweed. If you are buying a new house or a house near a railway or canal, buyers should be especially careful.”

For more information on the recent Court of Appeal decision see –

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