A personal and very sincere thank you to you…

Stef was really touched to receive this testimonial from a client who suffered coercive behaviour and mental abuse.

“I just wanted to write to say a personal and very sincere thank you to you.
I first met you when you were working for your previous employer and you were to become my solicitor, supporting me through my divorce.
I say ‘supporting’ because that is how you made me feel. You understood my situation and put me at ease when I was in turmoil. You took control and gave solid advice but in such an empathetic way that it made me feel I could trust you, I knew you got me and my situation.
You sadly left that practice but I knew it was with a heavy heart as you also needed to leave your clients behind and one of those was me.
I was gutted and although nearly at the end of the divorce I missed your manner and approach, I so wanted you to see it through to the end. Once you had left I was passed to different solicitors and had to explain my situation over and over which resulted in raised costs to me but it also meant I was reliving my story over and over and it wasn’t a nice story.
I just felt that they were going through the motions, they didn’t have the unique, kind yet professional manner you had.
Before I commenced seeking support with a consent order I knew I would feel more confident if you were working on my behalf so I looked to find where you had gone.
I have to say that I was over the moon when you agreed to take on my case.
I knew you would listen to me and I would be getting excellent advice.
I am sure that getting a divorce is very different for each client but what I felt with you was that you made me feel important, that my case was unique to me. You gave me time, empathy, understanding and practical advice that made me feel at ease.
I will highly recommend anyone seeking a divorce to come to you, you’re second to none.
Thank you sincerely for being amazing and for being there for me every step of the way, for your clear, sound advice and for your kind empathetic support.
Continue to be you, you’ve got this and you have the natural ability, empathy and oodles of experience to support others through their divorce.”

Please note our Minehead Office has recently relocated to 1 Bancks Street, Minehead TA24 5DJ. 

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